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1999 Galaxy reviews

22 September 2017


1999 Ford Galaxy reviews

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Alexander Jombo, Zimbabwe

Ford Galaxy GALAXY ESTATE 1995 - 2000

5 star review

I have a consistent problem with my Ford Galaxy 2300V Petrol 1999 Model, when l changed the clutch plate for the first time since l used it, the car developed a problem between the ring gear and the bendix when the mechanic returned the clutch plate. The main problem is when he returned the starter motor you could find that the bendix will remain on top of the ring gear resulting in the friction between the bendix and ring gear and is producing a grinding sound when starting the car. Now that the ring gear has worn out as the result of the friction between the starter motor bendix and ring gear. l now seek for an advise from the manufacturer on the advise that what could be the problem, if possible to give a diagram on how the layout looks likes for me to have the problem solved. Your response is most welcome for me to eradicate this sound when starting the car, thank you in advance.

Submitted: 2017-01-30 | ID: 138538

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Keith Ellinor, Essex

Ford Galaxy GALAXY DIESEL ESTATE 1995 - 2000

2 star review

The most unreliable car I have ever owned. Within the first year, the Ford Dealer had to replace the battery 6 times. If the car was not used for more than 6 working days, the battery was completely flat, even the Central Locking would not operate. Ford Motor Company Service department eventually admitted there was a concern with the lighting switch wehreby it could enter a Failure Mode and discharge the battery within a few hours. A new light switch was fitted together with yet another new battery. One week later I had a flat battery!! After 7 new batteries I demanded that FMC buy back the vehicle as it was fit for use. Fords agreed to repalce the vehicle as they could not cure the concern.

Submitted: 2014-04-09 | ID: 94030

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Rob Goddard, Leicestershire

Ford Galaxy 1999

5 star review

A really good car with great space and comfort and drives like a dream. It is good on fuel and never fails to deliver. It always goes, no matter the weather. I’ve taken mine to Germany and she started 1st time even in temperatures of minus 20 degrees centigrade.

Submitted: 2010-07-12 | ID: 40087

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