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2002 Galaxy reviews

22 September 2017


2002 Ford Galaxy reviews

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Clare Maynard, West Sussex

Ford Galaxy GALAXY DIESEL ESTATE 2000 - 2006

2 star review

Have owned this car for 6 weeks and have taken it back to the garage twice already one for a terrible grinding noise when turning which sounds like metal rubbing against each other and the second time because my spare wheel fell from the bottom of the car whilst driving!! Luckily no one was hurt not impressed so far and even though it is still under warranty the garage has said its down to "wear and tear"! Has anyone else experienced problems like this?

Submitted: 2014-06-04 | ID: 96902

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Nigel Brown, England

Ford Galaxy 2002

2 star review

Bought this car second hand at 75k now done 130k. Great size, ride and powerful, economical diesel engine. This car has been an absolute money pit. Power steering faults eventually traced to alternator clutch failure. Air con failures x3, don’t even waste your money trying to fix will only fail again. Scuffs out front tyres like you wouldn’t believe. Waterpump failure at 111K nearly cooked her. Intermittent tubo fault since 90k overboosts and goes into limp mode (German engine, can’t blame Ford for this one), at least its only a couple of times a year, pull over turn it off wait a few mins re start it seems to re set itself. Extremely heavy on the front end countless times replacing various, rubbers, bushes attached to wheels. Drive shaft failure. Drivers door lock failure. Very versatile vehicle that you can strip seats out of and can be used like a van. Has towed myself and tribe halfway round Europe on many occassions. Can’t be beaten for size and design but you need very deep pockets to run one, be warned. If I could afford it would like a Toyota Previa, will probably chop it in for a Zafira, clutch is going, enough is enough.

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I worked for Ford when these were new and they were built by VW, not Ford. I've lost count of the amount of people who tell me that I've got that wrong! Yes, they were dreadful. I had the VW version and it was just as bad! Check on the VW forums and you will learn that the myth of VW reliability is exactly that..... Don't bother with a Zafira either - typical GM car built down to a price. Personally I would go for a Mazda 5 all day long - from

Submitted: 2010-11-23 | ID: 40085

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