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2009 Galaxy reviews

22 September 2017


2009 Ford Galaxy reviews

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Laura, Essex

Ford Galaxy GALAXY DIESEL ESTATE 2006 - 2010

3 star review

I have a problem with my Ford Galaxy which my stability control light comes on and the vehicle does not go above 10mph. I then have to pull over and switch the vehicle off and wait for approx 5mins before it clears. I have taken my car to 2 garages who have done diagnostics tests with nothing showing. I find it frustrating that the problem cannot be found especially having my young family in the car when it happens without pre warning. Does anyone have any ideas to get this problem solved?

Submitted: 2016-09-19 | ID: 135303

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Michael Rust, Lincolnshire

Ford Galaxy 2009

5 star review

Only had the vehicle 10 weeks and done 14k. Up to now it has measured up to my expectations, the only disappointment I have had with this vehicle is that it comes with no spare wheel, and there is no option of one. So at the cost of approx &pound200 I have had to purchase a steel wheel and tyre and jack and wheel brace. In the trade that this vehicle is used in along with others that will be sold this is not very acceptable. If I had known before buying the vehicle I probably wouldn’t have.

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If this was purchased new from a Ford Dealership, then the Salesman should have stated that this car does not have a spare wheel, and fully explain to the customer - Keith Ellinor from Essex

I’m looking at getting what they call the ’new shape galaxy’ but have heard that they don’t come with a spare wheel or jack. My question is, is there space for a spare wheel? Please help - from Hertfordshire

There is no space for a spare wheel, dont’ buy one these they look good from a distance. The silver button on my hand brake fell off and I had to super glue it on, my alarm keeps going off, my air con does not work, the boot lock is made of plastic, the quality is c**p. What ever you do don’t get a flat tyre all you get is a puncture repair kit, really useful. The quality for the money is c**p. The handle you use to close the door loosens off quickly, the silver trim on the out side falls off if the door gets slammed a lot. You have been warned. I will never buy one of these again. Rubbish - Robert Paterson from Scotland

Further more I would like to add if you drive at 35 miles an hour with the rear windows down you get a helicopter chopping sound. On the motor way if you open a window while driving the road noise is prob the worst I have ever heard. I don’t know if these wind deflectors you can buy help but I would not want to buy them in case they don’t work as they cost a fortune. Feel the difference? Who are you kidding Ford? Cheap rubbish. The only good thing to say about this car is the space its fantastic, great for going on holiday in as long as you don’t open a window on the motorway. If the quality was better these would be great cars. To be fair the quality in most cars nowadays isnt good, I think anyway - Robert Paterson from Scotland

Submitted: 2009-07-21 | ID: 40102

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