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Ford Galaxy

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A Dudley, England

Ford Galaxy 1998

My Galaxy was stood waiting to have a gearbox for a few months but finally that’s all done. I went to put it back on the road and the back brakes are sticking, was told they may just need cleaning up as it has been stood. I thought ’fair enough’ but on the way home, they seemed to loose my foot pedal aswell. Just don’t know why it has gone like this. Someone said it could be due to the back brakes and maybe the master cylinder gone but it was fine when it came off the road. Where do I start? Oh and its pushing the fluid back out of the bottle. Help. Many thanks.


I had this problem a week ago, pressed the pedal and kept going. The problem was the master brake cylinder. I had this replaced and it’s working fine again. Hope this helps David Thomas from Yorkshire

Submitted: 17/06/2011 08:51:10 | ID: 68476

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Marty, Northumberland

Ford Galaxy 2003

I get occassional loss of power, think it’s going into safe mode. Pulling in and switching off instantly clears the fault. No alarms shown. Any ideas? (1.9 d Zetec)


This occasional loss of power could mean there is something wrong with your car’s turbo sensor or you should check the turbo’s line pipe which is a rubber one. It could have been ripped somehow and can cause turbo failure which is pretty expensive. I would check it as soon as possible. My father’s car had the same problem and sometimes it appeared on the dash and then comes off basically on and off. You may have a different problem but I think this is the issue. By the way, my father’s car was a Mercedes diesel Pim Arnie from England

How many miles has it done? Me and my brother both have Galaxys and they both started doing that then mine had a slight noise coming from the engine when under pressure eg. changing gear tried. The turbo pipes but in the end, the turbo went. No signs just smoke everywhere. Hope it’s not but sounds a similar story. You have to make sure they don’t pick up on their own oil. If it goes, turn it off. Mine went at 136k, my brother’s at 140k. It’s a problem with them as with the duel mass flywheels clutch. Apart from that, I love them. So many people I have spoke to have the probs with them but when they’re done, they are lovely. Hope you get it sorted A Dudley from England

Submitted: 09/06/2011 11:33:14 | ID: 76932

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Dave Lloyd, England

Ford Galaxy 2000

I have no brake lights on my Galaxy. I have replaced a blown fuse, the brake light switch and the bulbs seem okay yet still nothing. Any ideas?


I had the same problem, open boot and look at the rubber casing on top right hand side. Pull it back and you will probably find that the wires have snapped, just reconnect them. I did this and then they worked perfect. Good luck Heath Erlam from England

I just remembered that it could also be the switch under brake pedal too. Look under the pedal and where it makes contact when pressed should be a black plastic switch which can be pressed in and out. Tinker with it and pull it to max then press back in - you should hear it click a couple of times. Get someone to check lights as you press with the brake pedal. If its not the wiring, I am 99% sure that it’s a faulty brake switch Heath Erlam from England

You need a brake light switch. It sounds like you know what you are doing. If you have cruise control, there are double connections, a simple job most of the time. The threaded bit just needs adjusting. Always do it yourself, not a dealer’s job. Kind regards Pauly Milburn from Yorkshire

Submitted: 13/05/2011 08:54:12 | ID: 69322

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Peter Cullip, Hampshire

Ford Galaxy 2011

We had a Galaxy due for delivery on 11 March 2011 but have been told that Galaxys have been returned to manufacturers. No reason given as to why and no further date as to when we may receive delivery. Why? (2.0 tdci)


Apparently (mine included), they have been recalled due to a design fault on the remote alarm sounder. It used to be in the wheel arch but has been getting water damaged and corroding within the first few years causing numerous electrical issues and alarm failure. Until the box is redesigned, I cannot get a replacement for mine and so have no alarm! Andy Mitchell from England

Submitted: 07/03/2011 09:15:49 | ID: 72622

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