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2005 Discovery reviews

21 September 2017


2005 Land Rover Discovery reviews

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Trevor peden, Antrim

Land Rover Discovery DISCOVERY 3 SW 2004 - 2007

4 star review

I have owned 4x4 vehicles for longer than I care to remember my current vehicle is the discovery 3 I have never enjoyed driving, UNTIL now yes they are expensive to maintain only if you neglect them. top tip for me was to have it checked VERY regularly by a competent garage ,( we have two nearby) so in conclusion nothing comes close. my opinion!

Submitted: 2014-12-19 | ID: 108151

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Paul, Leicestershire

Land Rover Discovery 2005

3 star review

The best drive and the best tow car ever. Let down by continual niggles and minor faults. Initial experience under warranty was worse still, but moving away from the supplying dealer for further work and servicing has improved the ownership experience. Economy is marginal. I average 23mpg and have only once averaged 30mpg on a long motorway cruise at a restrained speed. When towing 2 horses in a heavy trailer, the car is fantastic, making it easy to maintain progress while providing the horses with a very smooth ride. Other minor niggles: Constantly blowing 10Amp fuses if you allow the windscreen washer fluid to freeze; the Plastic toggles holding the cover over the towbar electrics break for fun, I buy them 5 at a time, the last one broke without being touched. Park Distance Control Sensors are the most unreliable I have encountered, a badly placed jet-wash gives you a parts bill for £33 + VAT & Labour. Would I have another one? Probably, there is nothing to touch it; better than a 5-series on the Motorway and better than anything else as a tow-car. And it seats 7. I would just hope for better luck with reliability. I would also go to the dealer who now services the car (18 miles) and avoid the dealer who supplied mine new (6 miles).

Submitted: 2010-02-20 | ID: 42210

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A Carter, Lincolnshire

Land Rover Discovery 2005

5 star review

After 4 yrs/60k, the Disco remains in my view the best family/offroad car in the business. Early software niggles were soon put behind, very patiently and efficiently foc by the dealer (who has been expensive but first class dealing with routine servicing/recalls/warranty stuff etc). 6sp manual now loosened up and with the aid of ecu upgrade (reputed to knock out a much more respectable 230bhp), can regularly achieve over 30 mpg; even with roofbox, 5 bikes, 4 kids, 2 adults and fully loaded, the Disco returned 28mpg across France. (Car computer tends to read about 2-3mpg higher than actual). Huge reseves of torque mean it still pulls like a train from 70 - 90 mph when on French motorway even loaded with holiday gear and roofbox. The vehicle will go anywhere I normally need it to go, whether out on the farm or on the school run. Historic worries about Land Rover’s (un)reliabilty have compelled me to purchase extended warranty but all OK so far. I am so glad I didn’t buy a Pathfinder.

Submitted: 2009-09-10 | ID: 42211

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Andy Lines, England

Land Rover Discovery 2005

5 star review

Well, what can I say? I’ve had Nissan’s, Toyota’s, all types off 4x4s; even Land Rover Defenders and Range Rovers but have never had a driving experience like the Discovery 3. I paid £18,000 pound for mine in 2009 on a 05 plate... totally brilliant car. I never get bored of driving it, it feels like a £60,000 car. It is very good value for money... if you want a fantastic all round 4x4 buy the Disco - nothing can touch it.

Submitted: 2009-07-28 | ID: 42212

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