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2006 Discovery reviews

21 September 2017


2006 Land Rover Discovery reviews

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Trevor peden, Antrim

Land Rover Discovery DISCOVERY 3 SW 2004 - 2007

4 star review

I have owned 4x4 vehicles for longer than I care to remember my current vehicle is the discovery 3 I have never enjoyed driving, UNTIL now yes they are expensive to maintain only if you neglect them. top tip for me was to have it checked VERY regularly by a competent garage ,( we have two nearby) so in conclusion nothing comes close. my opinion!

Submitted: 2014-12-19 | ID: 108151

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Gordon Stevenson, Lothians

Land Rover Discovery 2006

2 star review

Best and worst car I’ve ever owned. Bought new in 2006 and everything ok for first eighteen months or so, bit slow but supreme ride and coped with everything from being family runabout to caravan towcar. After about 30,000 miles the problems started; new steering rack, EGR valves, various suspension bushes and arms, tailgate handle, fuel filler lock, cracked sunroof surround. Worst fault was when just out of warranty, air suspension continually lowered for no apparent reason and all special programs were lost. Took Land Rover dealer over a week to fix the problem (something to do with brake sensors). Finally decided it had to go when whirring noise developed from timing chain area at 45k miles; was told that it was a four to five hour job just to diagnose (@ £120 an hour). Great car as long as it is within warranty, otherwise you’ll need really deep pockets!

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I fully agree with the ’best & worst car ever’ line - a good way to describe the car. Best because it did everything asked of it and more and awesome in the snow. Worst because it was unreliable with about £8,000 worth of warranty work required including a new crankshaft sensor for which the gearbox had to come out. Sorry Land Rover, I have owned 16 of your vehicles over the years and been pleased with every one especially the Discovery 1 300TDI, which I still have, but the D3? No - Malcolm Manser from England

If your Discovery was a diesel, it has t-belt not a t-chain. I think you had a bad dealer instead of a bad car, got 130,000 on mine, only egr valve problem that I blanked off with 2 two pence coins. Simples - Tommy Bassett from England

It is a cam belted engine, but one cam is belt driven on each bank and the other cam is chain driven of the belted one - from Kent

It is a cam belted engine, but one cam is belt driven on each bank and the other cam is chain driven of the belted one - from Kent

Submitted: 2011-05-17 | ID: 42216

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Roger Gregory, Hertfordshire

Land Rover Discovery 2006

5 star review

There is nothing that even comes close to the driving experience, on or off road, of this car. It is the definative SUV/family car/thrill ride and it’s British! This is a car I will never tire of driving and just don’t see me owning anything else again.

Submitted: 2008-04-14 | ID: 42222

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Malcolm Robinson, Cumberland

Land Rover Discovery 2006

5 star review

After having a variety of so called premium 4x4’s including the BMW X5 3.0D Sport, I can honestly say this is the best car I have owned. It is incredibly spacious and versatile, it can carry seven in comfort, has great road manners and off road it’s untouchable. The downsides are the acceleration isn’t as good as it could be and the leasing costs are silly. Overall a great car though.

Submitted: 2008-04-04 | ID: 42223

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