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2003 Freelander reviews

22 September 2017


2003 Land Rover Freelander reviews

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Panos Pastides, Hampshire

Land Rover Freelander FREELANDER DIESEL 2003 - 2006

5 star review

I have a 56 registered TD4 HSE MK1 which I have owned since October 2007; I bought it through a local LR dealer when it had 2,828 miles on the clock, it now has just under 45,000. The only problems experienced during the past 7 years have been the replacement of both rear window regulators, one set of tyres, one set of discs and pads on the front and the replacement of the rubber turbo inlet pipes to silicon on the recommendation of a fellow Freelander owner who had to replace one when on holiday in Holland, which he thought was expensive i.e. he could have replaced all with silicon for the price he paid for the one. The sunroof opens and closes fine, but on closing there appears to be a clutch slipping, but it still works fine. We have just completed a 3,498 mile trip to Italy travelling via Mount Blanc on the way out, and up through the centre of France on the way home, towing our 2010 coachman 460/2 caravan without incident, averaging 28MPG. After several years of umming and ahhing and knowing that I was going to need extra power for the journey I invested in a fuel system digital tuning module and the transformation in the power and torque was excellent, and I only used position 3 of 5 of the settings whilst on holiday and ran with it in position 2 for everyday use. I have thoroughly enjoyed my 7 years with this car and am now looking to upgrade to a Freelander 2 SD4 hoping to be as lucky with that as I have been with this one. Well done Land Rover.

Submitted: 2014-07-30 | ID: 100602

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Julian Brown, Norfolk

Land Rover Freelander 2003

4 star review

Really pleased with the Freelander, does exactly what it says on the tin ! Mine may be a bit dated yet with 100k on the clock it cruises along very comfortably. Being manual it is a little agricultural around town but I accept this as all part of the Land Rover experience. Once rolling along in 5th it is not bad on the economy front, all things considered. I have the 3 door so the hardtop bit at the back unclips for summer fun! I believe mine has the BMW engine with a timing chain so no cam belt service which saves a few bob! It’s not a luxury vehicle but has good a/c, leather seats etc., and a ruddy good radio/cd system. It has done 30k on a set of tyres and there is still plenty of tread left. All in all, yes it has it’s faults but it is a Land Rover not a Jag and 4 wheel drive during this snowy, cold spell has been a saviour! Here’s to the next 100k miles!

Submitted: 2010-01-16 | ID: 42235

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