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2013 Range Rover Evoque reviews

21 September 2017


2013 Land Rover Range Rover Evoque reviews

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Danny, Derbyshire

Land Rover Range Rover Evoque RANGE ROVER EVOQUE HATCHBACK 2011 - 2015

5 star review

Plenty has been said about the Range Rover Evoque over the last few years and you probably think you've heard it all, but the Milner LRM-1 version brings a whole different kettle of fish to the table, and with it comes a selection of superlatives and whoops of enjoyment. Developed by the Milner Off Road team deep in the Derbyshire Dales, this is no Chelsea Tractor. Originally designed as an off road race car, but then offered to customers in either turn key or kit car forms, the LRM-1 is a whole different beast. From the exterior, the styling of the tested all black version certainly looks fierce (imagine if Bruce Wayne had a 4x4 bat mobile) but not too far removed from its parent Evoque, however once you go under the shell the real differences begin to show. Out goes the 2.0L engine of the originals and in comes a hefty 5.0L supercharged V8 developing an enthralling 550bhp and an apocalyptic growl to go with it. Throw in the earth shifting 680nm of Torque (Ferrari 458 develops 540nm, just for reference) and this vehicle has some of the most explosive power around. Transmission comes courtesy of a 6 speed sequential gear box with a Milner transfer box and Milner differentials, allowing quick, smooth changes through the gears. A double wishbone fully independent suspension system has also been applied, and it's no surprise given its roots that this is a vehicle which is extremely comfortable off road - if you have the guts to take it on that is! Of course this is not the vehicle you will choose for your every day activities or long range trips. The body shell has been scaled down to 4/5 of the size of the original Evoque and the luxurious, spacious interior is now replaced by roll cages, corbeau racing seats and harnesses. It also goes without saying that given that the original Evoque was never highly thought of for its fuel efficiency, the LRM-1 is not going to go easy on the pumps, but then again, that really isn't the point of a vehicle such as this one. To many people, the LRM-1 is more like something out of a fantastically fun dream and will probably stay that way, however for those who do choose to purchase one, they will soon find that dreams can come true.

Submitted: 2015-02-24 | ID: 112244

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