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2005 Range Rover Sport reviews

22 September 2017


2005 Land Rover Range Rover Sport reviews

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Clive Muffitt, Yorkshire

Land Rover Range Rover Sport 2005

3 star review

Hi, I took delivery of my 55 plate Rand Rover Sport supercharged on the 18th of October. Great cat at first, did what it says on the tin but very crap in the snow due to the tyres - it got stuck in a field due to coming off the road, even the different settings did not help. Two weeks ago it started knocking underneath, I took it to main dealer to solve problem and they charged me for new ball-joints. I got the car back, it is still knocking!! Took it back this Thursday, engineer said they do knock if you drive them hard through corners!! Rubbish!! The problem is still to be resolved and I am not paying for it this time, they are going to fit new anti-roll bar bushes then the next morning took it back again, engine management light came on due to incorrect egr valve fitted but I have to pay for new one even though there was a recall for them then the electronic handbrake was stuck on - I couldn’t shift the car since I have owned this vehicle it has had 12 faults with it... not good on a 50k vehicle!! I’d go for the X5 - better reliability!!! Or the ugly Cayenne. The power of the vehicle is good and fuel consumption isn’t too bad on a long run, around the 18mpg mark, sometimes near 22 if you drive steady. Comfy, great looks but in conclusion... totally rubbish!!!!!!!!!!

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I’ve got a RR Sport V8 HSE 3.6 deisel. 18 months old and done 29k. The car’s developed a knocking from front and rear under car. Bare in mind that this is an off-road vehicle thats never seen a field or anything else that resembles off road. Very poor for a Rangey. They should fix it under warranty but we’ll soon find out. Watch this space - from Wiltshire

I had this knocking with my 08 lr3, I was told this was due to the ball joints; replaced under warranty. The noise was still there on leaving the dealer, the tec then said it was the bush on roll bar, which again was replaced under warranty; noise still there. The tec guy saysthe it’s  wish bone so had it replaced under warranty; job done. My lr3 will not go anywhere in the wet grass or mud areas that I needed it to go, even with sst on 16 rims. Now going to flog it its c**p - Christopher George from Leicestershire

2.7tdv6 67k, what bag of junk, changed air suspention pump, then knocking from underneath the car, then total faliure on the brakes. Have had the car for 3 months and done 500 miles in it. It has cost me over £5,500 in repairs and I have to say I hate this car: crap handling, problem after problem and when you go to the dealers they know how crap they are!! Land Rover, you should be ashamed of yourselves. Owned X5, Q7, Cayenne and Hummer. Have to say, DON’T BUY A SPORT. - Tarek Sport from England

Submitted: 2009-01-26 | ID: 42313

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