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2008 Range Rover Sport reviews

22 September 2017


2008 Land Rover Range Rover Sport reviews

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Charles Wilson, England

Land Rover Range Rover Sport 2008

4 star review

Excellent ride and comfort. I have rechipped my vehicle and average 30 mpg although there are excess exhaust emissions - sometimes very black fumes. However, off road performance is poor. On wet grass it just sits and spins and on wet mudded tracks I have similar problems. It can be most embarrasing. Perhaps it is the tyres that are the problem but I don’t want to compromise the quiet road use performance. Anyone with similar experiences?

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I am having problems with reocurring Engine System Fault appearing causing loss of power. I have to stop and switch off to clear the problem then it’s OK for a while but keeps reoccuring. Any one got similar problems or know whats wrong? - Charles Wilson from Lincolnshire

I am still having more frequent problems with the Engine System Failures - 4 times in an 80 mile journey. This is a dangerous situation on a motorway apart from spending £42,000 on a vehicle that has had this problem from day one but Landrover can’t do anything because the computer diagnostics say nothing is wrong. I hope Landrover will take note maybe when it’s caused a motorway accident! - Charles Wilson from Lincolnshire

This happened to me with my Golf mk6 and I took it to VW main dealer whilst still under warranty and they reported back that it was a problem relating to the engine fault sensors - Jamie Griffin from Lancashire

I have the same problem with my supercharge, engine management fault (I was losing power as well) It seems to correct itself but it’s a pain. I’m going to go to a dealer and get ripped off! Can anyone advise me? - Simon Grigg from Berkshire

I bought my RRS from new, it was so bad with intermittent faults, loss of power, several times in the garage. Lloyds Carlisle did not fix it and then at 60 mph without warning decelerated so quickly I was whipped forward and back and I broke my neck, damaged my spine cord, now in a wheelchair - from Cumbria

Submitted: 2009-08-03 | ID: 42289

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Dave, Oxfordshire

Land Rover Range Rover Sport 2008

5 star review

I bought mine new and it has been totally reliable. I often make a 600 mile trip to France and this car just eats the miles. Driven gently I get 29 mpg which is better than I expected. Cruising at 130 kph I get 25 mpg. The driving position is superb and passengers get a great view. I do use the car off road sometimes and it is awesome, I was expecting it to struggle on my brothers farm following his Defender but it just kept going through terrain you would struggle to walk over... much to his disappointment! The interior is comfortable and very tough. I carry all sorts of mucky gear and equipment but it always cleans up fine. Other than the 7 seat Discovery I cant think of a more versatile car.

Submitted: 2009-06-22 | ID: 42319

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Paul Taylor, Berkshire

Land Rover Range Rover Sport 2008

2 star review

I have just had a Range Rover Sport (2008) TDV8 HSE for 3 days as a hire car, while my own car was being repaired. I own a 2008 Dodge Nitro SXT V6. I found the cabin in the Range Rover very cramped with no room for the driver. The Dash board is just inches away from you, and every time you take your left hand off the steering wheel you knock the auto gearbox lever. I found the ride of this vehicle very poor, so poor in fact that it made me sick. It rolls and bounces around all over the place - it’s horrible! By the time I did my 10 mile drive to work on one day I almost threw up. My stomach was that upset by all the rolling around. I was totally shocked, as I expected the Range Rover to be miles ahead of my Dodge Nitro, but actually its miles behind. My Dodge is far superior in many ways. Oh and finally the Harmon Kardon sound system is also rubbish. The stereo in my wife’s Astra sounds better with more bass. Not a good car at all. If you are looking at Range Rovers, you seriously need to check out other large 4x4 vehicles as well.

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No offence but you must have been on crack while writing this review. The best part was that the Harman Kardon sound system is crap! - from Cyprus

Or if you’re not on crack, maybe you should lose some weight mate. Looks like you’re too big and you feel sick or maybe get something that will suit you better like, I dunno, a tractor - Alex Safer from Kent

Submitted: 2008-12-08 | ID: 42302

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Andrew Dowlen, Sussex

Land Rover Range Rover Sport 2008

1 star review

Please read - I do not believe this. Having had two previous Range Rover Sport’s and on the whole having been very pleased with the vehicle; and the residual has been good. I ordered a 2009 mode build and took delivery of my new RRS HSE on the 14th November 2008, from the same supplier of my previous two RRS in Peterborough. I was given a quick vehicle check and off I drove; then 3 hours later the nightmare started - auto box not working correctly, having to switch to trip-tronic, contacted the dealer, no answer, stranded in Horsham, West Sussex. Saturday the 15th - contacted the dealer three times, I had turbo failure, loss of automatic gear box, the whole vehicle shook, diesel spilling down the sides of the car, due to lack of response support from the dealer I contacted Land Rover Support, who having taken the vehicle details, number plate, chassis number I was told I could not have the car as it was showing it was still at Land Rovers compound in the Midlands and as they did not have any details re-warranty they could not assist me. Sunday the 16th of November, reluctantly L/R assistant did attend, the person who attended confirmed I did have the vehicle and I was the legal owner, they tried to fix the auto-box, recommended the vehicle should be returned to Peterborough and they would arrange a loan car, I would have to give a credit card and agree to a debit of £2,500 pounds? The way I was treated, abandoned, notwithstanding I was heading off to Germany I had to continue my journey and pray I would make it. Monday the 17th I took the vehicle to land Rover in Monchengladbach who looked over the vehicle told me I should reject the vehicle, there reasons were:- body damage, the vehicle has had a full re spray , damage and repairs to various parts of the car, the interior needs completely replacing, all the leather seats need replacing, metal exposed with no paint or under coat. And Rover Monchengladbach contacted land Rover UK as the German dealer could not help me as the warranty was still not showing on any system. A representative form Land Rover contacted me in the end I had been trying to contact them up and till that time I had spoken with no less than 35+ people within land Rover UK. The representative of Land Rover informed me he could not see until the following week as he was off to Mons for a vehicle show and they did not have a spare car for me so I would have to wait till Friday 28th November. Please note I had formerly in writing rejected this vehicle on the 15th of November. This was later confirmed by Land Rover on Monday the 17th of November. Friday 28th November - in attendance myself, the land Rover Representative and land Rovers technical person, following the inspection, they gave me a copy of their findings, confirming the major faults with the vehicle i.e. very bad paint work, all the leather seats would need to be replaced with new, along with the aforementioned , even having inspected the vehicle and confirming not just to me but the garage, the vehicle should not have been supplied in the first instance, the Land Rover Rep was still trying to get me to take the car. Saturday 29th An independent technician inspected the vehicle he was from [ADAC] and confirmed all of the faults and found a further 25-30 more major faults, he confirmed that the vehicle had either been in an accident or very badly damaged and should not have been supplied, he informed the Land Rover Garage the vehicle would undergo a full investigation by the authorities and would be impounded. At no point has land Rover offered to compensate me, apologise I have formerly rejected this vehicle yet Land Rover are insisting the vehicle is OK and I should take it?. Number of serious faults found within the first 36hrs of collecting the car 25, following the inspection’s a further 35 + I welcome your comments please.

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Hi there, I have an 07 plate Sport HSE. Bought the car with 20k on the clock, one owner full LRSH. All appeared good. Did not drive the car much initially as I was going to and from airports on overseas trips. First time I really drove it I drove from Kent to northern Holland, noticed that under load the rear diff appeared to give a nasty backlash. Reported the fault. Booked car in for a technician test drive. He said there was no fault. I disagreed. Asked for the car to be driven by me with a technician, this time technicians agreed there was a fault. Fix was a gearbox remap. Re booked for 2 weeks later for the up graded software, the fix made no difference. Complained to dealer. Dealer thought I was a pain in the arse. Eventually agreed to get another technician to test drive the car. Next technician thinks it the rear diff... what a surprise! New diff ordered. Fitted and all good..? Try 4 faulted supplied duffs later and now my front diff is doing the same... Total of 14 trips to Land Rover, so with a car supplied, some without, sometimes the guys were good and other you get the impression you are the bad guy! If it was there 35k perhaps there would feel the pain too! Brutally disappointed and think Land Rover have some serious questions to answer. Welcome to the club! - Oliver Auston from Kent

Hi, I’ve got a rrs 2008 44,000 miles on the clock. Driving along with family when engine gave up. I have been told I need a replacement engine at a cost of 7200 to be paid by me. Range Rover are not interested and told me because of the age of the rr, they can’t help me it’s only done 44,000, I can’t believe they think it’s okay for a customer to have to replace the engine at 44,000 miles with full service history. I am so disappointed with the customer care and 90% of the staff really have a bad attitude. It’s not about selling new cars Range Rover you need to start looking after customers if you want them to keep loyal to your brand - Chris Wright from Berkshire

Submitted: 2008-12-03 | ID: 42305

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