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2011 Range Rover reviews

21 September 2017


2011 Land Rover Range Rover reviews

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Juan Vidal, Spain

Land Rover Range Rover 2011

2 star review

I bought this car in Spain and paid €95K. During the first year I have been very happy with this vehicle, even including features that I was discovering almost on weekely basis. This car has been fulfilling all my requirements, until a month ago when the famous problem of the red triangle sign came up and the car switched to safe mode, restricting performance, in the middle of the road. Since then I have taken the vehicle to the dealer. Initially they ordered parts for the engine vacuum connected to the turbo. This solutions failed. They then ordered additional parts that had to be sent from the UK. Every order took more than a week. Anyhow, the car is still at the workshop. Conclusion: The concept of this car is very good, but Land Rover has rolled it out too early before it has been tested enough and without being prepared at the dealers to support these types of problems.

Submitted: 2012-06-17 | ID: 42276

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Charles Daytona, Argyllshire

Land Rover Range Rover 2011

5 star review

Wonderful car! There are criticisms: Too many electrical gizmos and power sinks, so the battery is frequently low. Warning appears "Start Engine". I Hope all will be well in Winter. Driver’s left leg rests against the gearbox cover, which is plastic. This gets cold when driving, and is uncomfortable. Drivers door pocket in similar "plastic", so gets dirty when using foot to open/keep open the door. The P38 RR had carpet in both areas, and there was no problem. (Incidently my P38 has 135000 miles on clock, and still looks good and performs well) The rear air conditioning louvre is very noisy, and needs to be shut off when driving. I often drive on private roads, but seat belt warning every 5 seconds is really annoying. HOWEVER, all is forgiven by the superb power train. Quiet and very fast, I find it necessary to set a speed limit warning, as one soon reaches 90 without realising it when overtaking. It eats BMWs, Mercedes’, Audis, and I have yet to be passed by a faster car. I have yet to drive "off road" - I have kept my P38 for that! Fuel consumption is unbelievable for a 3 ton car. Pottering around Argyll gets 27mpg, some 6mpg better than the P38, but when you give it the gun, this drops to about 20 mpg. I have never had consumption this good in 50 years driving! Because of this staggering performance "available on demand", I find there is no need to rush, and journeys are faster AND more comfortable. Fewer complaints from Front Seat Passenger! The SatNav is superb, I have never used one before. I can honestly say that it is the best car I have ever driven, and would not change it for ANY other. I only wish I could take it to the big Motorway in the sky when the time comes! I think this car will see me out.

Submitted: 2011-05-21 | ID: 42275

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