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LAND ROVER RANGE ROVER questions and answers

Land Rover Range Rover

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Adrian Weeks, Carmarthenshire

Land Rover Range Rover

Hi have a V reg. P38 Auto with the 2.5D BMW engine ( Biography) Have major transmission problems and various other faults these came to light 3 days after I bought the Range Rover. I now know the vehicle has major problems. However these were not apparent at the time. I know nothing about Range Rover Land Rover pre ECUs etc. When on the test drive the trader said it was in sports mode. I assumed this to be normal. However I did not select this. The car was not running when I got in the car to drive it on a test run. I started and drove the car. I commented to the trader who was in the car that it seams to take a long time to change up. ( auto in D) . The trader said then yes it do as its in sport mode. Well thought nothing off it and I bought the car. Three days later I selected low range on the transfer gear box. It would not come out and then all the troubles started. Should the Range Rover be in sports when you start the engine. ( on reading a R/R workshop manual this seams to be a fault. ) Am I correct in this. As I am in dispute with the trader as he will not return my money or the part exchange vehicle I used to buy the car off him. If at all possible can anyone give me advice or reference I can print off. As I believe he new there were problems with the car and have in fact miss sold / miss led me in the first place.

Submitted: 03/06/2015 19:32:04 | ID: 116773

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Laurence Swale, Nottinghamshire

Land Rover Range Rover 2001

I’m thinking of buying a second-hand Range Rover petrol/lpg. Please can you give me a report?

Submitted: 24/11/2010 15:24:12 | ID: 69243

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