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PEUGEOT 405 questions and answers

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chris4069, Indonesia

Peugeot 405

Hi , I had a puncture on my way back home 2 days ago . Due to an emergency , I decided to roll-on the spare tyre but to my dismay I wasnt able to remove the wheelnut using the toolkit provided by the manufacturer . As a result I called my insurance company for assistance . Would appreciate if someone could shed some light on the actual use of this so called "emergency toolkit" . Thanks .

Submitted: 20/11/2016 04:22:31 | ID: 136804

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CK, Malaysia

Peugeot 405

Hi , I own a Pug405 SR ('95) . I noticed that the vertically positioned brake master pump tends to collect rainwater after each downpour . This waterlogged spot eventually results in rust formation & frequent leak to the brake pedal . I had already cleaned & rustproofed this area twice but the problem still persists . Would greatly appreciate from the pug experts if there should be a permanent fix to this . Thanks .

Submitted: 20/11/2016 03:56:16 | ID: 136803

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Erhan, Macedonia

Peugeot 405

Hi. I had i cylinder problem with my peougeout 405d engine it got replaced and fixed. however now the engine seems to had lost some power it canot accelarete more then 110kmh i wonder why if you could give me advice or something . thanks


On many French vehicles, if you change a cylinder head they recommend you instruct the ECU that the head has been changed and for it to carry out a balancing process for the cylinders... the fact that you can get to 110km/h suggests that there's not a great deal wrong with car.. maybe this will fix it... sadly it is a job for someone with Peugeot diagnostic software or a good engine tuning specialist.. but shouldn't be too costly. However, there may also be something else wrong. R Evans from Caerphilly

Submitted: 07/01/2016 04:36:03 | ID: 125670

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