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2008 Partner Tepee reviews

22 September 2017


2008 Peugeot Partner Tepee reviews

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Roger Mew, France

Peugeot Partner Tepee PARTNER TEPEE DIESEL ESTATE 2008 - 2015

3 star review

I have 3 real niggles, You really need to drive it to get anywhere, my Peugeot expert is better... at everything and it has done 1/4 million kilometers. So the Partner, rear suspension does not! wife and I it is OK, Put 3 kids in the back and it bottoms out. It is on a 5 year warranty. The cabin is such that after 10 minutes I stuck bits of carpet on engine bulk head and door as they were causing my knees grief! The seat for the driver is NOT comfortable, I have resorted to putting a chair squab on the seat to sit on as with the poor seat comfort and the crashing out suspension I have more comfort in my 1969 Land Rover!!!I have no option as I am tall and most smaller vehicles require me to cut a hole in the roof or stick my head out of the window, my next vehicle will probably be a restored Morris Minor. Would I buy another...NO If you get one negotiate a 5 year warranty. Oh also check tyre size, vehicles with 255 z 16 tyres only get about 25000 klms each at €140. Change wheels and tyres for 205 x 15 and fit truck tyres eg GT maxmiler and get about 85,000 to 100,000 klms for about €90. Just a stupid thing, I inadvertently put my trailer on the back and it had about 100kg lift, yes I know it was wrong but options I did not have. The suspension was now very good.

Submitted: 2017-08-30 | ID: 143385

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n.smith, Essex

Peugeot Partner Tepee PARTNER TEPEE DIESEL ESTATE 2008 - 2015

3 star review

2014 1.6 hdi model, low mileage. I have a sound which I thought was a loose exhaust. noticeable when accelerating up through the gears. Took it back to the dealers, a journey of about 15 miles on a hot day. By the time I got there this annoying noise had all but disappeared, and the car was more of a pleasure to drive. I was told it was not an exhaust problem but 'injector detonation noise' and is common on this type of engine. It will disappear when the engine is warmed up. I was further told that enhanced fuels...ie BP ultimate/Shell v power may reduce the 'problem'. Rather disappointed to be honest because the noise is annoying me ! I don't remember it from the test drive either .......mmmmm.......... car warmed up before I wonder?

Submitted: 2016-05-07 | ID: 131276

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