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BMW 7-Series road test report

BMW 7-Series

Almost the perfect car, great performance, ride and handling. Build quality and reliability possibly the best on any car in the world. Safe and secure, only the extremely high running costs and poor residuals let it down.

Road Test Reports Says4 star rating
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Performance Performance - 4 stars

The BMW 7-Series comes with a choice of four petrol engines and one diesel engine. As nearly always, the diesel engine (3.0-litre 730d V6) is the most economical engine. The four petrols are the 730i V6, the 4.0-litre 740i V8, the 4.8-litre 750i V8 and the 6.0-litre 760i V12. The maximum speed of the range goes from 148mph up to 155mph.

Ride & Handling Ride & Handling - 5 stars

The ride and handling of the BMW 7-Series is immaculate, the iDrive system excellent. The purpose of iDrive is to assist the driver. With iDrive, BMW has opened up a new development in driver orientation and vehicle control, enabling the driver to command all kinds of different functions through just a few instruments in new, sensible arrangement. The iDrive can be toggled between Comfort and Sport to suit the needs of the driver.

Build Quality & Reliability Build Quality & Reliability - 5 stars

It just doesn’t get much better than this. The BMW 7-Series shows why the Germans have built such an excellent reputation for build quality and reliability. Everything is built to perfection using only the finest materials. Switches and dials are delightfully damped.

Safety & Security Safety & Security - 5 stars

Stability and traction control as standard, plus front, side, head and curtain airbags that are deployed dependant on the severity of the crash. The keyless entry system provides excellent security. Seatbelt force limiters also included as standard.

Space & Practicality Space & Practicality - 5 stars

The inside of the BMW 7-Series is enormous, head and legroom also more than ample. The long-wheelbase version of the 7-Series can provide even more space if necessary. The boot is also a good size.

Ownership & Value Ownership & Value - 2 stars

The insurance on the 7-Series will be high, with Insurance groups ranging from 17 up to 20. The CO2 emissions range from 216g/km – 327g/km will further heighten costs. Residual values range from 34% - 45%, poor in comparison to most BMW’s and due in the main to its ‘curious’ looks. The new price cost of a 7-Seiries is likely to be from £51k up to £83k. Only the 3.0-litre diesel will provide anywhere near sensible running costs.

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