Jaguar X-Type road test report

Jaguar X-Type

A lovely drive can be attained from the Jaguar X-type / Ford Mondeo. A popular choice for company car drivers, the diesel engines are frugal and the CO2 emission figures and amongst the lowest in the compact executive category.

Road Test Reports Says4 star rating
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Performance Performance - 4 stars

There are two diesel engines available with the X-type, the 2.0-litre (128bhp) and the 2.2-litre (153bhp). Both these engines are refined with the 2.2-litre engine really makes the X-type feel swift. The 2.0D S has a top speed of 125mph and can go from 0-60 in only 9.5 seconds.

Ride & Handling Ride & Handling - 4 stars

You may or may not know that the Jaguar X-type uses the Ford Mondeo chassis. This innovation has turned the X-type into a lively car that handles and corners with style. It is an enjoyable drive with reassuring firmness.

Build Quality & Reliability Build Quality & Reliability - 4 stars

Jaguar has worked diligently at improving its reputation for reliability and this has really paid off and customer surveys convey the satisfaction of X-type drivers. The interior is not up to the same standard as Audi and BMW but the make-over has enhanced quality significantly.

Safety & Security Safety & Security - 4 stars

Euro NCAP stated that the X-type reached its four-star out of five rating without being outstanding. Six airbags, anti-lock brakes and traction control come as standard. Security measures are comprehensive.

Space & Practicality Space & Practicality - 4 stars

The Jaguar X-type can comfortably seat five passengers although the headroom in the back is not as accommodating as the front. The boot is large and accessible.

Ownership & Value Ownership & Value - 4 stars

The Jaguar X-type is an affordable compact executive. Insurance groups range from 13-15. The residual value is OK but not as high as some of its rivals, for example, the 2.0D S will be worth 44% of its initial value after three years. The CO2 emissions of our test car were a very impressive 149g/km, making the X-type an intelligent choice for fleet managers. The diesels are very economical and low running costs.

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