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Ford Galaxy

Friday, 22nd of September 2017

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A Ford Galaxy question from Paul Hart

Hi, Our galaxy has developed a problem where it starts first time but runs lumpy when ticking over like it's missing. If you try to drive it it won't go over 10mph but this gradually goes up to 30mph once it's warmed up a bit. We found last week if you leave it ticking over for 15 mins and then turn it off for 10 mins it then ran like normal without any problems. However this has now changed and no matter what you do it runs terrible. We've had the fuel filter changed so it's not that. Any ideas? Thanks


Hello, i had my Galaxy misfiring now and then. After a while the car suddenly didnt go faster than somewhat like 40km/h. After shut down an restart it was ok for a while, but got worse and worse. Went to a garage to read the fault codes. Fault codes were nothing but misfiring. He said could be the injector cable boom but was not sure. I then dismantled the plastic engine top cover (so you can reach the injectors). Then I disconnected and removed the boom from left to right. (Had to remove battery and drill a big hole in the battery casing to get the boom out,since it is long and straigt) I measured al the wires, (and since I was to gready to buy a new once) reinstalled it, but found one injector connector a bit loose. I then squeezed it and reconnected it on the injector and did the same with all the other7. Since then, problem solved. Maybe you have a similar problem. Good luck! Grtz Staf Staf from Belgium

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