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Wednesday, 20th of September 2017

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A Nissan NV200 question from Steve Jones

Can I replace the standard wheels of my Nissan NV200 with 17" alloys? Will they fit without any rubbing or other issues? I know larger wheels will affect the fuel gauge, speedo etc, but will the larger wheels also make for a smoother ride?


Hi Steve... I replaced my 5.5 j x 14" NV Combi alloys (175x70x14 tyres) about 6 monts ago. I put on 6.5 j x 16" Team Dynamics with 195x50x16 tyres. My new alloys have the same 114.3 pcd, same 60.1 bore and are 44 offset instead of 45 offset. These alloys are a special order, made in UK, and unused stock from Chrysler... cost me just £160 for four from Merlin Int’l , York. They are a fantastic 10 spoke silver and give a much better ride on the wider tyre. Look at to check your wheel size suitability. My difference is 60 mph is now 60.1 mph... negligable. The original 14" alloys were a bit tragic! Mobile 07836739185 if more detail required... Robert London from Surrey

Trust me, when you replace size of wheel 14 to 17 the wheel size is bigger, but the tyre has smaller side walls. No gains at all except a harder bumpier ride you’ll feel the pot holes etc. more. If you widen the wheel then yes, it gains traction grip etc. It is wheels that make a car or van look better, agreed, but only widths make a difference. Look at F1 racing - small wheels, wide tyre. Neville Denman from Sussex<br />

Hi Steve - I am in the same position and want to upgrade the alloys on my NV200 Camper van. After a lot of looking around and talking to different alloy wheel suppliers, I think it's the tyres that could be the problem, as in achieving the right load weight. Presently the Goodyear tyres on the 14' alloys are classed as 'commercial' and are 650kg rated. I want to go up to 16' wheels. A 205/50/16 can get a 91 load rating 615kg, but this is still a bit low! - Robert what tyres have you got on your van?? Someone else said I could only have 15' alloys with the correct load rated tyres185/60/15 Can anyone shed some more light on this...? ps. Steve - in my opinion (from what I've heard) 17" alloys could be pushing it a bit and the ride will be much harsher! Ed from Shropshire

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