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Mitsubishi L200

Thursday, 21st of September 2017

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A Mitsubishi L200 question from Tony Whitehead

My Mitsubishi L200 has a water leak on the driver`s side footwell. It`s already had a water test on the windscreen and I`ve checked out the drainage vents which are okay. The carpet gets soaked. How can the water be getting in? (Warrior)


Had the same problem, turned out to be leaking from rear window (drivers side of middle opening window). Had it resealed, not a big job for autoglass specialist Craig from England

Not happy with answer my windows are ok what could it be? gilchrist from Armagh

Daughter has had a brand new L200 Barbarian back at Mitsubishi since January 2017 with water in the drivers foot well. They still haven't found what is causing it despite having to replace seals and loads of electrics because they got wet and shorted out. She has had a loan vehicle up until now and they are now asking for it back but still haven't fixed the car. They claim they are waiting for parts from Japan but quite honestly I smell BS. We could be demanding a new car. Chris from Surrey

Check plastic wheel liner under drivers front wing. Check for any missing fasteners, splits or bad joints. You say you have had a water test on the windscreen but it may not have been adequate either not enough water spray or not long enough spray. Sometimes the water leaks past the window seal and runs along an interior ledge to gradually spread downwards with no large visible drips. Do you have side indicator repeater lights? These have been known to leak water past and allow it to trickle down the inside panels behind the footwell panel to wind up on the floor. Hugh from City of Glasgow

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