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Declan Fletcher, England

Audi A6 Avant 2003

My car has been leaking water from under the glove box which has fused my central locking and flooded the passenger front and back foot wells. Any ideas on what is causing it?


Hi,is your rear washer working ok?? I own a 1999 A6 Avant and recently the rear washer stopped working. I also had a leak in the n/s footwell! Remove your glovebox and in the wiring loom behind it in the left hand corner there is the water pipe for the rear washer. I reconnected it and wrapped it with PVC insulating tape to cure the fault. I hope this helps Mark Earnshaw from Yorkshire

I had something similar last year - floor pan full of water one morning. Turns out the drainage holes at the bottom of the rear most bit of the engine compartment were blocked (common design flaw and reported via google too). My excellent independent Audi guy suggested drilling them out and I haven’t had a recurrence Rich Livingstone from Somerset

Submitted: 12/01/2011 16:06:47 | ID: 69331

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Ahmad Maleki, Iran

Audi Q7 2008

I have a problem with my Audi Q7 2008 turbo diesel 4.2. The error is P2002 - PARTICULATE EMISSION FILTER (PEF) and the other error is P2033-EXHAUST GAS TEMPERATURE SENSOR CIRCUIT HIGH. Can anyone help or advise?


You need to reset your particulate filter. This should be done as a routine maintenance. Also you need to change the EGR valve Juice Obo from London

Submitted: 29/11/2010 10:15:05 | ID: 76904

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Danny Lam, Hong Kong

Audi S5 2009

Can the Tiptronic transmission paddle shifter mounted on the steering wheel of an Audi S5 be used for engine braking by downshifter without damaging the gear box? (Audi Drive Select)


Yes Karl from Singapore

Submitted: 24/05/2012 15:50:06 | ID: 85012

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