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BMW 1 Series

Hi there, Does my 1 series 116i (2005 plate, 90k miles) have a Cam chain or belt? If its a chain is there any servicing that it requires? Thanks Andy


It has a timing chain. I don't think BMW specify replacement intervals believing it should last for the life of the vehicle (with oil changes as specified) but there are a number of reports of the chain and/or chain tensioner failing. Mick from Portugal

Submitted: 08/03/2017 10:55:36 | ID: 139626

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steven peel, Shropshire

BMW 1 Series

I've BMW 118 09 milage is 69 000 When do I change the cambelt and is it OK to put a turning box on my BMW thanks


Can you tell me please steven peel from Shropshire

I have a 2006 118d hatchback. Does it have a cam belt and if so how often should it be changed. Mileage is 81000. William lewis from Pembrokeshire

2008 BMW 120D coupe i'm buying this car from an approved peugeot garage but wondered if the chain needed changing, as ive heard some horror stories on this engine, with many snapping. jon peachey from Kent

Submitted: 24/10/2015 13:48:46 | ID: 122662

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Bob Poole, Gloucestershire

BMW 1-Series 2007

Why does the rear seat well in my BMW 1-Series keep getting water in it on both sides? I have already checked rear washers and nothing from doors or windows. Thanks.


This is a very common fault the more you investigate online it appears!! Inside the boot area on each side behind the carpets underneath the rear lights, there are little deepenings. The pdc unit is there and nearly always needs replacing as it will be full of water. There is a vent in each of these wells, which allows air out when you close the doors to stop the window seals popping. These vents leak water if slightly damaged, disslodged or clogged in dirt. to remove these you need to remove the wheel arch liners outside behind the rear wheels and you will see the vents just clipped in. Remove them and clean thoroughly or even replace with new. A little silicone around the seals(if you re-use the old ones) and click back in.! it will take time for the water to dry out from inside all of the channels of the chassis Shaun Bamford from Nottinghamshire

Well that's just cost me £1,000 at the local garage to diagnose the fact of why the electrics on my 1 series kept shutting down during driving. They found the flooded PDC unit and have said they need to do some spot welding - although I'll ask them when they were welding on Monday after seeing this article. So, is this a design fault by BMW then and can we ask BMW some recompense?? The PDC unit is around £200 to replace! Mike King from Hampshire

Well that's just cost me £1,000 at the local garage to diagnose the fact of why the electrics on my 1 series kept shutting down during driving. They found the flooded PDC unit and have said they need to do some spot welding - although I'll ask them when they were welding on Monday after seeing this article. So, is this a design fault by BMW then and can we ask BMW some recompense?? The PDC unit is around £200 to replace! Mike King from Hampshire

Submitted: 28/11/2011 16:02:51 | ID: 74641

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Chistopher Mokone, South Africa

BMW 3-Series Coupe 2004

My BMW 3-Series Coupe puffs blue smoke when started up but when it drives there is no more smoke. I always fill up with engine oil after 5 days as I drive 60 kms daily. What can the problem be? Please help. (E46 318 ti)


I would think it may be valve stem seals. Overnight the oil is seeping past the valves to rest on top of the piston then when you first start up, it gets burnt up & sent out of the exhaust. Trebor from Lancashire

Submitted: 01/04/2014 09:33:08 | ID: 93690

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Steven Davies, Bridgend

BMW 1-Series Coupe 2008

At around 90mph, the passenger door sounds dreadful. It is as if the window on the top is being sucked out. Is there a fix for this problem? (m sport)


The fix is to stick to the speed limit or we will catch up to you eventually. South Wales Police from Bridgend

It mite be that your wheel bearing mite be going it cost me 180 to fix mine timm from Kent

Submitted: 22/08/2011 08:53:19 | ID: 77619

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Jenny Grice, England

BMW 1-Series 2006

My BMW 1-Series has the letter P show up on the dashboard with an exclamation mark with 3 lines underneath. This only happens when I put the car in reverse. What does this mean?


I have a parking sensor fault. Mine had a water leak and it drowned the control box. When you unplug it the lights should go off but you will need to replace the box. s begum from Wiltshire

Submitted: 04/01/2013 09:13:03 | ID: 66857

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Stephen Hill, Leicestershire

BMW X3 2005

How much is the road tax for the BMW X3 for a year?


About £245 Mark from Cheshire

I was searching for this information myself and found out that it depends really, because there are so many different variations under the BMW X3 umbrella. For example there are some models such as the sDrive 18d which are only band E in the VED tax rating table but others that go all the way up to band G. James from Norfolk

Submitted: 12/04/2011 08:54:04 | ID: 52717

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Donna Ruzzano, Cyprus

BMW 1-Series 2008

I have a BMW 1-Series and I have 2 questions. How do I know if I need to change the injectors or coils? I was told by my dealer they need to be checked but I have no problems that indicate this and he said it could cost 1,000 euro. Also when do I need to change the timing belt, miles or age? I have done 28,000kms. Thanks. (116i)


Hi, if you have a missfire, a diagnostic check will identify if its coils or injectors. (If you put coils in put new plugs in too) there was also some issues with faulty injectors but bmw will be able to check if the part numbers match the faulty batch which should of been done under warranty to be honest. This car has a timing chain that is supposed to be good for the life of the car as long as you have regular oil changes but if you hear rattles from the engine have it checked asap. Again these have been known to fail. The trouble is the chain is at the back of the engine and access is difficult. Cheers. Martin (Master technician 20+ years) from England

Submitted: 23/12/2013 14:23:20 | ID: 59690

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Alan Sanderson, Derbyshire

BMW Z3 1998

What performance would I gain having my BMW Z3 1.9cc 1998 chipped? (1.9cc)


Hi Alan. Chipping any non turbo engine is in my view a waste of pennies, the gain will be miniscule. A proper remap wouldn’t be cost effective either. There are other more effective ways of tuning non turbo engines, but if you want big improvements be prepared to spend serious money. Cheers Ray Smith from England

Submitted: 16/05/2011 09:33:00 | ID: 76916

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Dean Oldham, Warwickshire

BMW 3-Series Convertible 2002

I`m doing an oil change on my 320 ci BMW 3-Series Convertible 2002 (52) reg. Can anyone confirm how many litres of oil I need to put back in after the oil change? (320ci)


6.5 liters Hussain from London

Submitted: 11/06/2012 14:28:18 | ID: 86891

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Piotr Lechocki, England

BMW 1-Series 2005

When do I need to change the cam belt on my BMW 116i SE (current mileage: 32,500)?


You don’t need to change your cambelt cos your car doesn’t have one. BMW don’t use cambelts, they use cam chains which are far more durable. The chain should last the life of the engine Alan Johnstone from England

Submitted: 08/10/2010 11:07:23 | ID: 68706

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Akif Ali, England

BMW 3-Series Coupe 2010

Hi. I am thinking of buying the new BMW 3-series coupe.Tthe 320 hopefully but I am not sure which to go for, the diesel or the petrol. Any advice people? 320i SE or 320d SE.


Not easily answered this one as everyone is different in what you expect from a car and its performance etc. The petrol version is probably cheaper to buy and service and will be quieter to drive but not as economical. If you enjoy really gunning your car and revving it highly then the petrol one will be your natural choice. The diesel one however is more suited to someone who wants to drive more lazily but instant oomph in any gear when called upon. This will feel quicker than the petrol and give you far superior mpg in the process. The BMW diesels are also very refined so you do not get as much clatter as most deisels. You need to weigh up that the mileage you do outweighs the price difference. Personally I would plump for the diesel version as it will be easier to sell on with todays current oil prices and will feel quicker 90% of the time if that is important to you Paul Harrison from Bedfordshire

Submitted: 10/09/2010 09:02:41 | ID: 77327

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Paul Feeney, Lancashire

BMW 1-Series 2009

What is the oil and filter change periods in mileage and or time? I cannot find it in the manual. (116 i)


Hi, I had an argument over this with my dealership as its CBS (condition based servicing) it turns out the car should be serviced every 2 years. BMW no longer do ’inspections’ and have replaced these with glorified oil services Angela from East Lothian (Haddingtonshire)

Submitted: 14/09/2011 10:25:26 | ID: 78163

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Pauline Jeffery, Devon

BMW 3-Series Saloon 2000

I have just had the handbrake fixed on my BMW 3-Series and now I have to put my foot to floor to get 40 miles an hour. Does anyone know what’s wrong?


Most BMW rear brakes are ’drum-in-hat’, that is there is a rear disc for the service brakes (i.e. foot brake) and inside that a drum for the parking brake shoes. The parking brake shoe retaining slots in the brake back-plate do corrode - so that the retaining pin and spring come out. The parking brake shoes then become angled, resulting in some drag on the drum and a long and hard pull on the lever to stop rolling on a hill. New back plates are the ultimate solution, but involve removing the hub bearings - too expensive and introduce another risk. You will need to make a set of washers to provide the slot that has become corroded. This is a job that a practiced DIY mechanic can do, but a repair shop could do it. Access to safely jacked up rear wheels is needed. BUT FIRST - ask a local garage to remove rear wheels and rear discs to check if it is this. There are plenty of DIY sites for BMW enthusiasts. They are not hard to work on, if you have the facilities. Here are some web-sites, make sure you have the correct model in - some will check against your car`s VIN number (in the LH lower windscreen, or registration document) item 12 repair kit spring 34419064274 <a href=""></a> Simon Hooker from Essex has submitted an answer to ID: 5233.

Submitted: 26/10/2011 14:03:57 | ID: 83823

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Stella Bird, Cambridgeshire

BMW 3-Series Convertible 2007

Has anyone had failure of fuel injectors and NOx sensor in their 330i 2007 convertible? Mine has just had failure of two injectors at 34,000 miles, but all six had to be replaced as new injectors are not compatible with original ones. It seems a major problem to have at this age and mileage. Anyone with similar experience? (330i)


I am on my third Nitox sensor. I bought the car new in 2007 and have only done 38,000 miles. I am amazed David from Berkshire

BMW 3 Series Convertible 2007. Car has done 53k miles. Fuel injectors being changed today for 3rd time. First at 20k miles, then 30k miles. I am told this is a common problem with this car. Any other people had similar problems? Steve from Lancashire

Submitted: 20/06/2011 10:35:59 | ID: 76935

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