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Richard Lennon, County Armagh

Chevrolet Captiva

The burglar alarm keeps sounding whenever the car is locked. Why?


Mine did that - then the tailgate catch starting to fail so I assumed the alarm was sounding because the lock hadn’t shut correctly. The dealer says it is not covered by warranty (two years old)! Luckily though the clutch that went at 25k miles, the rust patches that are now being treated for the 3rd time, are covered. Poor quality cars compounded by appalling dealer service (four weeks to fix the clutch with no courtesy car). Wish I’d bought a 2nd hand Honda 4x4 instead Jan M from Durham

Submitted: 27/05/2011 08:06:57 | ID: 75102

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Meg, Philippines

Chevrolet Aveo 2007

What is the main problem when the car is shaking when idle? The ignition coil was replaced already as per my shop checked. Then after two weeks, the problem occur. They told me that this should be for observation again. Hope you can give me a specific problem for this one. Thanks and regards.


Hello, I had the same problem with my car (Kalos 1.4 16V). At the first they couldn’t find the problem, but it turned out to be the oxygen sensor ( It costed me about 150, but it takes less then 5 minutes to replace, and after it was replaced the problem never occured Paul from Netherlands

Submitted: 10/10/2012 11:32:15 | ID: 52969

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Michael Barrow, Yorkshire

Chevrolet Kalos 2007

I have been told by the garage that my car needs a new clutch. Is this okay as my car is four years old?


Even if your car is one year old, it depends on the driver and the road on which you’re driving. Please also check the mileage and ask the dealer how many miles for clutch to be replaced Darwin Cerineo from Philippines

Submitted: 05/09/2011 10:50:14 | ID: 68493

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