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Adrian Lee, England

MG Zr 2002

I have a 1.4 Mg ZR 02. The engine management light is on and the car is shuddering and holding back. I`ve been told all sorts of rubbish. Please can anyone help?


mg zr 2003 engine management light is on car is running ok please can anyone help roger hague from South Yorkshire

mg zr 2003 engine management light is on car is running ok please can anyone help roger hague from South Yorkshire

Submitted: 07/01/2013 11:06:39 | ID: 67060

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Lyndsey Maughan, Northumberland

MG Zr 2004

I have a sign on my dashboard looks like a radiator. I have no manual, could anyone shed any light on exactly what it is? It’s beside handbrake light and is red.


If it looks like a little rectangular tank thing with a cap on the top and water in the bottom of it, that’s the low engine coolant warning. All of the warning lights come on when you turn on the ignition (to show that they’re working) but it should go out when the engine starts. If it stays on, you need to top up the water in the reservoir; that’s a plastic container under the bonnet on the passenger side, near the bonnet lid hinge. Unscrew the cap, ONLY WHEN THE ENGINE IS COLD!! Top up water to the level marked on front of the reservoir. Replace the cap tightly. If the light stays on or comes on again soon, you need a garage to investigate for leakage. Don’t drive around with the light on, or the boogeymen will get you :( Malcolm from Lancashire

Submitted: 30/08/2011 09:03:33 | ID: 77807

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Frank Be, Ireland

MG Zr 2003

What does twincam mean? (3 door hatch)


Surprised you don’t know this! It means the engine has TWO camshafts, one to open and close the inlet valves and the other for the exhaust valves. That can make an engine more efficient or more responsive. It allows a range of engines in a car model to be tuned for the type of use. If the mileage is very high, check that the belt that drives the twin camshafts is not due for renewal. Should it fail, repairs would be costly Malcolm from Lancashire

Submitted: 22/08/2011 09:19:43 | ID: 74832

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