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saeed, South Africa

Proton Satria Neo

i have a proton neo 1.6 2007 there was a short fuse which i replaced (MEMORY) but now the the red light on the dash for the alarm stays on,the key is not locking the vehicle only if i do it manually by inserting the key into the door. Can someone please shed some light on this on how i the alarm to working automatically with key remote and light on the dash to go off.


Did you ever find a solution? I have exactly the same red light problem however i havent changed any fuses. Justin from South Africa

Submitted: 30/10/2016 08:35:06 | ID: 136348

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Dan Lim, Malaysia

Proton Satria Neo 2009

If my Proton Satria Neo is not used for 5 or 6 days the battery goes completely flat. Proton said the Captor alarm system drains the battery everyday. Proton suggested disconnecting the battery when the car is not in use for more than 2 days or having the Captor disconnected (connection is in the dashboard). Is this info all true? (1.6 auto)


Well Dan, I own a 2010 Satria Neo Sport, and I have had the same problem as you - battery going flat after being unused for 6 days. 1.6 manual, the remedy for mine was straight forward, it turned out the boot lid had come open, even though I was sure I had closed it properly. I believe the boot lock may be faulty so when I have some spare time, I’ll be taking the car to my Proton dealer for a check of the boot lock mechanism. I hope this helps, if this isn’t your problem. To be honest, it seems to me that Proton are fobbing you off with any kind of excuse. I don’t pretend to know about some of mechanical workings of Proton cars, but you shouldn’t have to disconnect your battery if the Captor Alarm is at fault through either makers fault or product fault then it seems to me Proton should replace, the alarm or find some way to fix the problem Ian Corley from Hertfordshire

Submitted: 11/11/2011 08:41:01 | ID: 71962

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