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2008 L200 reviews

22 September 2017


2008 Mitsubishi L200 reviews

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Steve oreilly, Merseyside

Mitsubishi L200 L200 LWB DIESEL 2006 - 2015

4 star review

Select 4th to 3rd won't go in got to go to 2nd down box then into 3rd it's got 41000 on clock what can I do to fix this

Submitted: 2017-09-12 | ID: 143594

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Mike crook, Rhondda Cynon Taf

Mitsubishi L200 L200 LWB SPECIAL EDITIONS 2007 - 2015

5 star review

Just purchased another l200 2007 animal, this is the seventh one I've had and well impressed with it, never had any problems with them. Lovely to drive, plenty of torque and if driven with the correct tyres on BFg all terrain unstoppable off road. If serviced regularly they will just keep going, have driven many 4x4 and nothing comes close to a Mitzi.

Submitted: 2015-02-22 | ID: 112128

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lito, Philippines

Mitsubishi L200 L200 LWB DIESEL 2006 - 2015

3 star review

Road test report web is great with giving lots of answers to car problem issues.

Submitted: 2014-08-01 | ID: 100693

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