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Mitsubishi L200

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Ken MacKenzie, Scotland

Mitsubishi L200 2003

The heater does not heat up, the exhaust is smokey and the temperature gauges into red after a few miles. Is it cylinder head or just gasket?


Sounds like your head gasket is blown. If you’re lucky and not drove it too much in the red, your head should be okay but until it is off, you will never know what damage has been done to the head. The 4d56 engine is quite common for cracking heads. Take the head off (it will need to be skimmed anyway) and have it pressure tested at the same time. It should cost around £60-80 for that. Head gasket £25 from Milners. Job done Ross from Somerset

Submitted: 27/09/2010 15:11:46 | ID: 77122

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Arun Kumar, Kuwait

Mitsubishi L200 2007

I Have one pick up that is air conditioning complaint. Air conditioning works only while the vehicle is running, when parked it does not work. Does anyone know how can I solve this problem?


I have the same problem. I think it`s because the air conditionionig needs re-charging, but I`m not 100% sure about it. I`m just going by what i`ve read on other forums. It might be worth looking into getting it re-charged though I don`t know how much it would cost, but I`m going to look into it Luke from England

Submitted: 25/08/2010 09:50:45 | ID: 76152

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